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The Brief: author Barbara Swanson was looking to republish her self-published memoir, ‘Swansong’, in a new edition and as an ebook.

The book was an extraordinary story of love and betrayal, set against backgrounds of war-torn London, busy Bristol, and the exotic Far East, but mostly was a story of a woman trying to make the best of things while the odds were stacked firmly against her. I wanted the cover to really reflect as much of that as possible.

The author had one condition: the original cover was a picture of a swan taken by a family member, and had to be included in the overall design in some way. I turned it into a powerful, omnipotent image, a swan-turned-Phoenix perhaps, rising out of the horizon protectively over the woman leaning against the barrier, looking free with the wind in her hair, as I imagine the author did on one of the many ships in her memoir…

I edited and typeset the new edition, rescanning old photographs to create a new, colour photo index within the book. The book sold very well as an ebook over Christmas, and continues to be downloaded.


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