Writing Essays: what you need to know


The Brief: after tutoring a range of children struggling with different aspects of essay writing, and succeeding with focussed help on particular areas, I wanted to create a guide to writing that they could use independently. So as to be approachable, it had to be colourful and simple and straightforward. I chose to include a ‘mascot’ of sorts, so chose my old classroom mascot, ‘Bert’, a sunglass-wearing skull. The cover needed to suggest that more was achievable by using this guide, and so a metaphor of ‘reaching for the moon’ was visually created. Finally, i wanted to name to be straightforward; this capitalises on popular search terms and also allows the student to see that with a little effort they can be successful.

The project became an ebook, paperback, and range of successful classroom posters on Zazzle (http://www.zazzle.co.uk/bbfiction)


Blackboard Fiction


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